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· How to use a fire extinguisher is as follows 1. Identify a clear exit/escape route Before operating the fire extinguisher, make sure you have a clear evacuation path because if you cannot put out the fire, you will need to make a safe exit from home and build multiple retrieved options from home.. 2. Stand back

· How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Using the PASS Method CQ Fire & Safety 154K views 1 year ago Fire Extinguisher Instruction City of Asheville 251K views 8 years ago Fire Extinguisher Video…

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Here is the explanation: 1. Pull Pull the locking safety pin behind the fire extinguisher lever. Check if the pressure gauge needle is green. 2. Aim Point the hose down toward the center of the fire spot. Make sure you are about 2-3 meters from the fire spot. 3. Squeeze

· How to use a wet chemical fire extinguisher (used for Classes A, B and F fires) When approaching the fire, try to contain any flowing liquids. Make sure the fire does not involve electrics and is not near live electrical equipment. Providing it is a small fire, stand at least 3 metres away. Break …

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