how much does it cost to refill a fire extinguisher

· Refilling your fire extinguisher might cost you around $20 to $50 but depending on the class and size of the fire extinguisher, the price might vary.

Generally, the cost of refilling a fire extinguisher starts from $20 and can be much higher depending on several factors. Fire extinguishers have to be inspected at least once a year to make sure it’s in good working condition. To know whether you can refill your fire extinguisher, check if it has a plastic or metal valve assembly.

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· However, many people don’t know how much it costs to refill fire extinguishers. People think it is tricky and needs special attention, but it costs around $15 to $45, depending on its size. However, it is not that tricky, and you can fill it yourself in homes.

· On average, a basic recharge can cost anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on the weight of the extinguisher. Refer to our table below to see the average prices. For example, the fire station in Fridley, Minnesota, allows residents to drop their fire extinguishers off for a recharge, and their fees range anywhere from $9 to $19 depending on the size of the

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How much does it cost to recharge a fire extinguisher?

If yours is suitable for a recharge, it might cost around $20 to $50 to get it refilled by a professional company. Depending on the make and model of your fire extinguisher and where you live, the price might vary. What are the types or classes of fire extinguishers?

Is it worth it to buy a new fire extinguisher?

It may be more cost efficient to purchase a new extinguisher if the one you have is for household usage. By the time the recharge has been done, the newer one could be the same price, if not cheaper. Also, it may not be recommended.

Who can refill my fire extinguisher?

The best way to find out who can refill your fire extinguisher is to call your local fire department and ask. There are also private fire extinguishing companies that provide a recharge or a refill service. You could also contact the company of the fire extinguisher you own and ask them if they provide a refill service since some do.

How often do fire extinguishers need to be replaced?

As for refills or extended service, the price to replace an extinguisher will usually cost less than testing and refilling so expect to have them replaced every five years with new ones.

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