Are tractor supply chicks vaccinated for marek’s

Yes, it is completely safe, however if the vaccinated chickens have been exposed to the disease (not the vaccine) then it is possible that they could infect your non-vaccinated chickens. However this is always a risk when adding ANY new birds to a flock. If you like I can Google that thread again and post it for you.

Avian encephalomyelitis (AE) is a viral disease that affects young chickens, as well as pheasants, pigeons, turkeys, and Japanese quail. Infection can be spread vertically (from mother to chicks) and horizontally (from chicken to chicken). Many infections are the result of a breeder flock infection that is passed on to the eggs.

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The symptoms of Marek’s Disease depend on which tissues are attacked. In the classic form, Marek’s Disease will cause inflammation and tumors in the nerves, spinal column, and brain. In this form, birds will become paralyzed in the legs, or wings or may develop head tremors. Paralyzed chicken with Marek’s Disease.

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