What’s the difference between reefer fuel and tractor fuel

Though there are fewer differences between them, they are crucial considerations. However, the basic difference is their application and road conditions. Tractor fuel commonly …

Reefer fuel refers to fuel that is used on refrigeration trucks. As an offroad fuel, it can also be used in construction, heating, agriculture, and other off-road equipment that isn’t used on the …

Reefer Fuel vs Tractor Fuel: What’s the Difference?

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While we’re going to dive into the specifics of what both reefer fuel and tractor fuel are, here’s the main difference between the two fuel sources. Primarily used on …

Reefer fuel is another type of fuel that you will notice people with larger vehicles use. The first thing that you can notice about this fuel is its color. This is should be a reddish …

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