What is tractor fuel vs reefer fuel

Tractor fuel commonly refers to a low-grade fuel that is made between gasoline and number 2 diesel. In contrast, Reefer fuel, however, is used to keep freight cold and used on …

While we’re going to dive into the specifics of what both reefer fuel and tractor fuel are, here’s the main difference between the two fuel sources. Primarily used on …

Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel- Which Should You Use?

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This is so that people can easily differentiate between reefer and tractor fuel. The main reason behind this is that reefer fuel is only made for off-road vehicles. This includes …

Apparently when they say "reefer fuel" they are referring to what i normally just call off road diesel (red dye diesel). Tractor fuel is the standard #2 Diesel. I couldn’t find it posted …

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