What is the difference between tractor fuel and reefer fuel

Tractor fuel commonly refers to a low-grade fuel that is made between gasoline and number 2 diesel. In contrast, Reefer fuel, however, is used to keep freight cold and used on refrigeration trucks. Moreover, reefer fuel is the best option for off-road purposes and equipment.

While we’re going to dive into the specifics of what both reefer fuel and tractor fuel are, here’s the main difference between the two fuel sources. Primarily used on refrigeration trucks, reefer fuel is meant to be used for the refrigerator unit of such trucks to keep them cool. Meanwhile, tractor fuel is known as a standard number 2 diesel.

Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel- Which Should You Use?

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Reefer Fuel. Reefer fuel is another type of fuel that you will notice people with larger vehicles use. The first thing that you can notice about this fuel is its color. This is should be a reddish shade as companies combine this fuel with a red dye. This is so that people can easily differentiate between reefer and tractor fuel.

Apparently when they say "reefer fuel" they are referring to what i normally just call off road diesel (red dye diesel). Tractor fuel is the standard #2 Diesel. I couldn’t find it posted anywhere when I was faced with this dilemma, and thought it could be a useful thread so that nobody else has to look as dumb as i did :rofl

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