What is a tractor used for in farming

A tractor is a vehicle specially manufactured to deliver high torque at a lower speed. It hauls a trailer or machinery used in agriculture, construction, and industrial. The tractor is the combination of two words, “traction and motor.” A tractor is used to pull heavy loads for different farming tasks.

The Tractor is an agriculture machine which can either push or pull agricultural implements in farm fields. The increase in population and rise in hunger ratio among people in different parts of this world has lead to the need for efficient Farming machines.

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The tractors play a key role in the development of agriculture. We can not imagine modern agriculture without tractors. Traditionally, tractors have been used on farms to mechanize several agricultural activities. Tractors are essential necessity of farming as they provide machine power for performing farm applications. In addition to routine landscape …

The most common use of the term "tractor" is for the vehicles used on farms. The farm tractor is used for pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers, for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and similar tasks.
A variety of specialty farm tractors have been developed for particular uses. These include "row crop" tractors with adjustable tread width to allow the tract…

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What is a tractor used for in agriculture?

A tractor is used to pull heavy loads for different farming tasks. There are many agriculture operations performed by farmers, and for each task, the necessary farming machinery and implements are developed. Similarly, according to the farmer’s needs and demand, there are many types of tractors developed.

What is a all around tractor used for?

These tractors are all around tractors that perform various farming tasks you need to do, Including weed control, leveling, plowing, harrowing, and pulling seed drills.

Can a car be used as a farm tractor?

Obviously the intended use is no longer as a farm vehicle. An "A tractor" based on Volvo 760 – notice the slow-vehicle triangle and the longer boot. The ingenuity of farm mechanics, coupled in some cases with OEM or aftermarket assistance, has often resulted in the conversion of automobiles for use as farm tractors.

Are utility tractors good for farming?

If farmers can not afford to buy additional machines to perform tasks, utility tractors are good. These tractors range from 45 Hp to 140 Hp and multifunctional tractors used for farming. Tractors come with the low to medium type engines and pull the heavy implements.

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