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tractor, high-power, low-speed traction vehicle and power unit mechanically similar to an automobile or truck but designed for use off the road. The two main types are wheeled, which is the earliest form, and continuous track. Tractors are used in agriculture, construction, road building, etc., in the form of bulldozers, scrapers

Tractors have large and powerful diesel engines, just like bulldozers, cranes, railroad trains, ships, and other giant machines. In theory, that means they should be able to go incredibly fast, just like sports cars. But in a tractor, the engine’s power is designed to be used in an entirely different way: for pulling big and heavy loads.

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Definition of tractor. 1 a : a 4-wheeled or tracklaying automotive vehicle used especially for drawing farm equipment. b : a smaller 2-wheeled apparatus controlled through handlebars by a walking operator. c : truck entry 1 sense 1b. 2 : an airplane having the propeller forward of the main supporting surfaces.

Tractors are essential tools for preparing the soil to planting the seed to collecting the harvest, but they are also used in many other capacities in construction and industry to accomplish engineering tasks, haul materials and clear brush.

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What is a tractor used for?

This is a typical tractor for agricultural use. Tractors are multipurpose agricultural, horticultural and construction vehicles that can be used to accomplish a range of tasks. Tractors are commonly used in agricultural endeavors.

What does it mean when a tractor has air in it?

It means the air fills up the entire space between the tire and the wheel rim. Some tractors use what are called flotation tires (extra-wide tires that spread the load and sink less on soft or sandy terrain). Others have "dual wheels" and tires (four wheels and four tires at the back and sometimes four at the front as well).

What are the features of tractors?

A notable feature of tractors in many applications is the power-takeoff accessory, used to operate stationary or drawn machinery and implements. The first tractors, in the sense of powered traction vehicles, grew out of the stationary and portable steam engines operated on farms in the late 19th century and used to haul plows by the 1890s.

How did tractors make life easier for farmers?

Before tractors came along, horses made life much easier for farmers, but all they could really do was pull things. Because early tractors were merely replacements for horses, pulling things was what they were mostly used for as well. Those early tractors were fueled by coal and known as steam traction engines.

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