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Lamborghini tractors are known for their bold style, their performance, design and exclusive appeal that sets them apart. Discover our products and services Home Lamborghini Trattori – TractorsLamborghini Trattori

Lamborghini Started as a Tractor Company. Ferruccio Lamborghini was always interested in engines, and he loved repairing any kind of vehicle. After World War II, he began to build tractors out of army surplus supplies. By 1960, his tractor company was building close to 400 tractors a month, and he was a very wealthy man.

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Founded in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Lamborghini Trattori did not have a long tradition like the historical names Fiat Trattori and Landini; in fact, it had to use discarded war materials to produce its first tractors.
Truck and military vehicle engines and differentials sourced from ARAR centres (Azienda Rilievo Alienazione Residuati) were used to build the first "Carioca" tr…

Lamborghini tractors are known for their bold style, their performance, design and exclusive appeal that sets them apart. Discover our products and services. Lamborghini Trattori is a …

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What was the first Lamborghini tractor?

Lamborghini’s first foray into luxury cars was the GT 400. They followed this with the Miura in 1964, and now make Lamborghini tractors in Germany. Luxury cars and big tractors do have something in common, and that’s the need for good car insurance.

When was the first Lamborghini tractor made?

Lamborghini’s first tractor was built in 1948 and named the Carioca. He decided to build tractors cheap and sell them cheap, and while his tractors were small, they were powerful and well-built. He was able to offer his tractors at a reasonable price point because the mechanical parts were as affordable as they were accessible.

Did Lamborghini make tanks?

U.S.A./Italy (1976-77) Armored Personal Carrier – 1 Built. The origins of the Lamborghini Cheetah lay in California in the 1970s from the same ‘stable’ at Mobility Technology International (MTI) by designer Rodney Pharis, as the XR-311. The Italian firm of Lamborghini was also interested at the time in lucrative contracts supplying a mobile off-road vehicle to the American and Italian Armies and possibly for export too.

Why did Lamborghini make cars?

Special carsEssenza SCV12SC18 AlstonSC20

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