How to shift gears on lawn tractor

To shift from one gear to another, depress the clutch/brake pedal partially and shift to the desired higher or lower gear. Always stop the tractor completely to shift gears. My lawn tractor wouldn’t go into gear. After some discovery I realized I had sticks in my upper drive pulley system. I fixed it, and show … Read more

How to drive gear shift tractor

Shifting gears on a tractor is very different from shifting gears in a car. Learn how to shift gears on a tractor in this free video on tractor operation.Exp… If you want to drive a tractor, press the clutch pedal down with your left foot and put the transmission in neutral, then press the break … Read more

How to shift tractor-trailer truck gears

1. Understand how the gear shift differs from a normal vehicle’s shifter. If you’…2. Learn the gear shift pattern. Most gear shifts have a diagram displaying the s…3. Practice the gear pattern of t… Here are practical tips to learn how to shift a semi easily! Some of these were probably not taught in all … Read more

Do tractors have gears

Tractors have a lot of gears and the reason is their weight. Because tractors are designed for heavy work at low speeds or RPMs, your tractor must have enough gears for you to be able to find its ideal engine speed for good functioning. Tractors use a lot of fuel, and finding the most efficient … Read more