How much is a wheel horse tractor worth

Memorial Page. Feedback Form. Wheel Horse. The information below refers to the asking price of over 60000 tractor sale attempts between August 2008 and August 2010. The figures shown here do not represent the sale price of the tractor models involved and should not be used to evaluate what your tractor is worth or what … Read more

What year is my wheel horse tractor

While the model number of the lawn tractor will point you in the right direction, unlike some makes and models of mowers, the Wheel Horse model number doesn’t include the model year. Since the Wheel Horse was manufactured from 1946 to 2007, it will require some detective work on your part to track down your … Read more

Who made wheel horse tractors

In mid-August 1986, Wheel Horse was purchased for $8 million by Toro. Tractors were built under the Toro banner for the next two decades. Under their new owner, economically priced Wheel Horse tractors shared the same pressed-steel frames, attachments, and other parts used in bargain-built Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power … Read more