How to build a modern day doodlebug tractor

Contact him at (208) 764-2313 (and bear in mind the time difference with Mountain Standard Time) or by email at Read more about homemade tractors in Homemade Tractor: Modified Farmall F-12 and Yankee Doodle (bug) Dandy: A Homemade Tractor From Ford Model A Parts. Related Articles. Friday Tractors, Scrambolas, Jitterbugs, Field Crawlers, and many … Read more

How to build a doodlebug tractor

Popular Mechanics shows how to make your own tractor. “DoodleBug is a slang name for a homemade tractor during WWII when tractors were in short supply,” Kosilla says. “The DoodleBugs of the … The designer claimed the tractor could be built for $60 ($936 today) using only a wrench, hacksaw and some minor welding (but … Read more