How to build a hydraulic tractor

*****Friends! I’m from Ukraine. Since our house was occupied, we had to leave. We need your financial support! Thank you friends!*****My PayPal is libral… A project that I have been working on for ever. but getting there slowly. I am in the process of welding some pieces under the tractor. that is why It is … Read more

How to build a compact tractor

There are many ways to build a compact tractor implement counterweight, but the most popular methods include a box, barrel or suitcase arrangement. Suitcase arrangements usually employ a bar that fits your three-point hitch and allows you to attach what is known as “suitcase weights” which are solid cast iron flat weights. To build your … Read more

How to build a lawn tractor

How to Build a Lawn Mower Pulling Tractor – DIY Guide Step 1: Find the Garden Tractor. The first thing that you’ll need is to find a garden … Making a small lawn tractor trailer, using old wheels and welded together out of some old bed frame angle iron dry cu… How to Make a … Read more