How to build a stock pulling garden tractor

Building a Stock Garden Pulling Tractor. If you’ve decided on building a stock garden tractor, you can either start with tractor and modify it to fit the clubs classes and safety rules with less effort than is required for other classes mentioned above. Generally speaking, an older clutch-driven Cub Cadet are used (such as a … Read more

How to build a hot farm pulling tractor

Cross sectional thickness must be measured 1” min. to 1.5” max. Pulling point must not be more than 1.5” from back edge of the pulling device. Tractors must hitch to a stationary draw bar with a max. 20” height, and a minimum of 18” from the center of rear axle to the hitch point, a … Read more

How to build a farm stock pulling tractor

Exhibitors and demonstrations will close their booths and shut down machinery at 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, but the daily events will … First video in a long time, and yes it’s a little crude due to software experimentation, but here it is folks. 3 months of work in about 30 seconds How to Build … Read more