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3New or used. Remember, the older the machine, the more repair work. Choose a brand or model that will be easy for you to find parts for or that a local dealer can help with. When purchasing a …

On the negative, Buying a used tractor almost guarantees that something will need to be replaced, fixed or updated. You can take tractors to repair shops, but the parts and labor can quickly out…

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A tractor is a big ticket item and the up-front purchase price is a large part of the cost of ownership, though operating and maintenance costs are also important factors to consider. In the case of a new machine, you’ll be purchasing from a dealer who should have a thorough understanding of what the tractor is capable of and what it is not.

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Should I buy a new or used tractor?

When purchasing a used tractor, look for something under 5,000 hours. Older machines also have fewer electronics, which could mean fewer repairs, but also less conveniences. New tractors usually come with a warranty, but make sure you are purchasing it from a trusted dealer.

What should you look for when buying a tractor?

Still, for the best buying experience, advise the experts, first do a little homework. “Having an exhaustive list of the applications in which the tractor will be used is a critical first step,” says Jeffrey Ratliff, tactical marketing manager at Massey Ferguson.

What do car dealers not know about tractors?

“What they don’t know is how big that tractor needs to be and what it needs in the way of implements to get various jobs done. The dealer is the customer’s best resource to ensure he or she gets the right machine and support for that machine.”

Are oversized tractors worth the cost?

Undersized tractors are dangerous to operators and will be damaged when worked too hard. An oversized tractor will use more fuel, may be less maneuverable, can cause more compaction issues and may have more expensive parts. Consider fixed costs such as depreciation, insurance and housing. Variable costs include repairs, fuel, lubrication and labor.

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