How to tie down a tractor with ratchet straps

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Four chains and four binders are required and a fifth is to be used if its on a backhoe or excavator. Even though the straps your using are rated for WLL. They will not fly in most cases because they are to easily cut, nicked or broken and will break. Here’s a link to a good read on cargo securement.

How To Use A Ratchet Tie Down (FULL Tutorial) – YouTube

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In this video, I show you how to use a ratchet tie down. It is a full tutorial that goes over wrapping the strap around something, tightening the strap with …

When you make your first stop to check things after a few miles and one of the chains is a bit loose, the ratchet style is quick work with just a quick crank or two. The lever style you have to take it loose and start over. The local tractor dealer mechanic uses the lever style with a 4 foot cheater pipe. People have gotten hurt if they fly open.

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