How to sharpen tractor slasher blades

I am going to lift the slasher (5.5ft) up with chains off my FEL. My Mahindra 60hp tractor has steel safety ‘brackets’ that fit on the hydraulic rams and prevent the loader arms from descending when you’re underneath them. I’m just not sure how sharp the blades are meant to be, although obviously not like a samurai sword.

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How to Sharpen Brush Hog Blades Without Taking Them …

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When you can’t get your blades off the brush hog, or simply don’t want to bother, here is a safe method for getting under the brush hog to tune up the blades…

Holding the blade at a 45-degree angle, move the blade lightly against the grinding wheel, following the cutting edge of the blade. Make sure not to round off the corner of the blade. Keep the blade moving in an even motion and keep even …

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How do you sharpen Bush Hog blades?

There are two methods for sharpening bush hog blades that work equally well. You can use an angle grinder or a bench grinder; pick whichever method you’re more comfortable with. To use an angle grinder, you hold the sharpener in your hands and pass it over the blade, which is clamped in place.

Do you sharpen your blades to set up vibration?

You run the risk of making the blades unbalanced by doing them the way you say,you can’t see that equal amount are removed in each side,the speed that they run at would not need to much out of balance to set up vibration. good luck. The manual does not recommend anything other than keep it sharp. I was just curious as to what everyone else does.

Do You Tip Your Mahindra under the slasher?

The mahindras are quite big (so is the FEL reach), could probably get away with just tipping the slasher it on it’s side. Depends on if your’re sold on being under the slasher but I reckon it would be easier and safer standing it on an edge and brace it back to something.

How do I remove the blade from my miter saw?

Removing the blade is fairly simple. Tilt the cutting deck so you can access the underside. Make sure you use some type of support for safety! Wearing heavy-duty work gloves to protect your hands, and goggles to protect your eyes, use an impact wrench to remove the bolt and washer holding the blade in place.

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