How to remove pto shaft from john deere tractor

art mullen. I have a 1947 John Deere "B" (serial #": 219450). I have about a half inch of horizontal play on the (powertrol equipped) pto shaft….it goes in-and-out when the pto is running. I want to remove the pto shaft to inspect it for internal damage. I have a technical manual but find the pto shaft removal procedure in it to be rather vague.

Posted by Bernard Antkowiak on at 17:24:01 from ( In the eprocess of restoring my fathers 1948 JD A, I started to dissasemble the rockshaft housing to be sandblasted and painted. In the process I cannot seem to be able to dissasemble the PTO shaft from the pump cover. Both snap rings have already been reomved from …

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Locate the pin or button that keeps the shaft locked to the tractor. Depress this button or pin with your thumb. Wiggle the shaft up and down and back and forth until the PTO shaft uncouples from the tractor’s PTO spindle. Unhook any safety chains holding the shrouds on the shaft to the tractor. The PTO shaft is now removed.

The PTO axle on the assembled John Deere tractor is indeed an interesting puzzle. Here are some tips for solving the PTO shaft conundrum. Part of the assembly process for augers purchased through ever-power is to connect the implement end of the PTO shaft to a 40 hp gear reducer. All modern PTO shafts have excellent safety guards, there is one problem with the …

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How to adjust the PTO clutch on a John Deere?

63 model 4010 pto issuesdvskenny. I bought this tractor and it’s been used only to feed cattle for the last 20 years. …DRobinson. I bought this tractor and it’s been used only to feed cattle for the last 20 years. …jdmich. …DRobinson. …Tx Jim. …dvskenny. …dvskenny. …dvskenny. …Tx Jim. …jdmich. …

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How to remove a PTO shaft?

Steps:Knock the pins out to have more working room.Remove the PTO shield from the tractor. …Now you can get a long pry bar or even two in there. …The idea is to drive whatever locking mechanism is used out (typically balls or pins) or cause it/them to disconnect. …However, if the shaft doesn’t break loose, you have to be content with sacrificing the coupler. …

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How to free a stuck John Deere clutch?

You just press the pedal and pull out on the little pin and it engages a little notch and keeps the pedal pressed down. To release you just apply some pressure to the pedal and the spring loaded locking pin releases. Most of the compact Deere units came with a widget to hold the clutch pedal down. The last ones were the 790 and 3005.. 4005.

How to replace the yoke of PTO shaft?

Removing Damaged PTO TubePreparing Pulling Tool & Yoke. Shape 1 large washer to match the outside profile of the tube. …Removing the Tube. While holding the jamed nuts or Vice Grips tighten the middle nut toward the socket until it pulls out the yoke.Install Puller. Slip the socket over the 1/4inch stub and the all thread rod through the tube and yoke. …Insert Replacement Tube. …

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