How to make front tractor weights

Add Calcium Chloride solution to your tires to create a homemade chemical version of tractor weights. Calcium Chloride is a dense, liquid solution that will weight the tires down to a substantial degree, providing additional weight without raising the overall center of gravity of your tractor, which could compromise safety and performance.

TN. Tractor. Kubota L4330 GST w/FEL, Kubota RTV-XG850, Kubota ZD326S. Here you go: Home made concrete, steel and lead wheel weights, 260 lbs for the right, 240 lbs for the left, total of 500 lbs (in addition to loaded rear tires): Box blade rear weight block plus Rachet Rake holder, 410 lbs for the block and 110 lbs for the RR, total of 520 lbs …

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Buffalo, New York. Tractor. 318 John Deere, 4200 John Deere, 1947 John Deere "M". Just playing with the calculator- A 6" dia round piece of lead, 24" long, looks to weight in at 271#. That would be a solid pour w/ lead calculated at .40# per cubic inch! (Pipe weight not included). I pour sinkers, jig-head etc for fishing, using melted wheel …

Driving your tractor can be dangerous when this happens, especially with a 4×4 tractor, since one wrong move can lead to a catastrophic rollover or tipping. The simplest way …

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How can I add weight to my tractor?

There are a number of things you can do to add additional weight to your tractor, depending on your budget and the amount of weight to be added. Add Calcium Chloride solution to your tires to create a homemade chemical version of tractor weights.

How do you make a tractor weight out of sand?

Instead of spending your money on suitcase weights, create your own weights by filling one or two small plastic gas containers with sand or gravel, hanging them from the rear weight bracket with a piece of rope to pull the tractor down and provide extra traction while working.

How to build a tractor implement counterweight?

Steel boxes are a simple way to build a compact tractor implement counterweight, and they allow you to toss in anything to add weight such as sand, rock, steel scraps and random weights you may have around. It’s not a bad arrangement, but unless you design it well, it will catch and hold water.

Do I need a counterweight tractor for a three-point hitch?

Both compact and full-size farm tractors can struggle with physics, especially leverage and gravity. If your tractor has a hard time gaining traction in the rear end, especially while picking up a load with your front end loader, then a counterweight tractor implement for your three-point hitch will prove to be infinitely useful to you.

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