How to inflate a large tractor tire

How do you fill a tractor tire with air? Press the compressor fill valve firmly over the valve stem nozzle of the tractor tire. Let air enter the tire for 10 to 15 seconds. Remove the compressor fill valve from the tire’s valve stem nozzle. Test the tractor tire’s air pressure again with the air pressure gauge.

I try to keep the inflation on the tires on vehicles I drive up and down the highway at, or near, their maximum inflation. They have less rolling resistance…

How to Inflate a Tractor Tire | Top 4 Instructions (2022)

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Instructions: How to Inflate a Tractor Tire Step 1: Remove the hubcap.. Unscrew the lug nuts using two socket wrenches. Get help if you can’t loosen them by hand,… Step 2: Remove the wheel.. Use one wrench to hold the axle and another socket wrench to take off the lug nuts. If you… Step 3: …

MFreund. I would try taking to a semi tire or agriculture dealer, they have a large tank to blow a lot of air into the tire from between the tire and the rim. You cannot get enough air through the valve stem. The large amt of air will push the sidewalls out until they contact the rim and then fill from the valve stem.

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