How to get a tractor out of the mud

How to Unstick a Tractor in Mud. Raise Any Attached Implements. If the wheels on your tractor start to spin, the first thing you should do is raise the implement, should one be … Stop and Put the Tractor in Reverse. Dig Into the Mud and Place Boards Behind the Tractor. Get Assistance from Another …

Here is what a REAL Norwegian does when he gets his tractor stuck

Stuck? Get your tractor out of the mud using your loader …

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back your tractor out of the mud using this loader technique. 800.222.3373 | | Parts Hotline – 877.260.3528Kubota Parts – http://www.messick…

"Put the tractor in reverse and position the throttle at about 1/4 th open. Slowly engage the clutch and try to back out of the wet spot. Keep the tire spinning to a minimum," says McGuire. "If this fails, stop, because if you continue to spin those wheels, the tractor just will dig in deeper and deeper."

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Tractor Stuck, How to get it Unstuck. Brilliant! Video Answer

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