How to drive a tractor on a slope

Run the tractor in a lower gear range to give you more control over the machine while operating on a slope. In addition, set the tractor into four-wheel drive; this provides more traction and a stronger ability to brake. This is because in two-wheel drive, only the rear-wheels brake.

How steep a slope can I drive my tractor on? That’s one of the most-asked questions I get and the truth is, I can’t tell you. There are a lot of variables …

How Steep a Slope Can I Take My Tractor On Without …

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This is one of my most-asked questions…"How steep a slope is it safe to take my tractor on?" Today we’re going to try to answer that question by telling y…

Start small, learn to use the diff lock and the independent brakes. If you think that when you get to the top you can’t turn round, consider reversing up and cutting on the way down. Keep the front end loader and the mower as close to the ground as possible when you are side-on on the slope. Don’t is a good instruction.

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