How to change sounds in tractors fs17

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way to swap out a boring engine sound for an epic one. **This is for your own personal game…

Welcome to this "How To" video for FS19, after a few requests as to how I changed the sounds in the John Deere 6920 and Case Maxxum this video will help to e…

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Maybe a lot of you already know how to change the sound of a tractor? So this is for those of you that don’t know how to. 1. find the tractor sound you like of one of your tractors 2. open the xml of that mod and find this. <motorStartDuration>2500</motorStartDuration> <attachSound file="$data/vehicles/shared/attach.wav" pitchOffset="1" />

Go into the xml file the model and toward the bottom the sound files are listed and after each are volume modifiers. You can also go to a mod with a better horn sound and copy it, then move the copy to the sound file of the offending mod then go to the same list of sound files for the mod and switch to the better horn sound. level 2. blackhawk905.

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