How to change points and condensor cubcadet tractor

In "No Need For An Intro", Taryl shows us how to eliminate the Points and Condenser and install an Electronic Ignition Coil on a Briggs and Stratton Engine. …

Zip Code: 21228. Tractors Owned: 1948 Farmall Cub. LT1045 Cub Cadet. Circle of Safety: Y. Location: MD, Catonsville. Re: Changing Points & Condenser. Postby Bill V in Md » Thu 1:28 pm. Ken, I use an off-set screw driver like this:

replacing points and condenser etc – Farmall Cub

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3) Remove the entire distributor assembly (all of this plus the coil in one piece). 4) Do whatever needs to be done to the distributor, new points, condenser, lubricate, set pont gap. Do not remove the distributor from the drive housing. 5) Rotate the distributor drive until the rotor points to the same position it did at step 2, and reinstall it.

The cover is off of these points while I get it running. The condenser might be bad; they shouldn’t spark this much.

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Farmall Cub Tune-Up How-To: Points, Rotor, Condenser, Coil, Plugs and Wires for Distributor Video Answer

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