How to change fuel pump on international 444 tractor

Posted: Wed 6:04 pm Post subject: Re: fuel injector pump on IH 444 diesel tractor: Hi Ducks, It has been 40 years since I changed one. This is the way I did it right or wrong: 1)Clean the pump and area around pump and blow with air gun. 2)Scribe line between pump and mounting on pump drive gear housing. 3)Remove front cover off pump drive gear …

Used. Fuel Injection Pump for International , 444, , , , 3414, and TD-5 Tractors. Pump was removed from a barn find salvage tractor. Working condition is unknown. Will ONLY fit diesel tractors with IH BD154 engines. Case IH part numbers: .

IH 444 Tractor fuel pump – Red Power Magazine …

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Disconnect the line that supplies gas to the carb, turn the key, and press the button. If gas doesn’t spray out of the tube, you need a pump. There should be pressure. You would never have a car or tractor with a failed fuel pump …

Ended up going back to the original manual pump, that they said was a bear to change. At most, a 2 hour job, and that was pulling the engine out of the compartment. Hasn’t missed a lick to this day. Bates Corp. shows an OEM electric pump on their site for $253.16. Kinda’ pricey, but will more than likely solve your problem.

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What is the fuel pressure for an international 444?

The fuel pressure for an international 444 is 4.5 PSI. I replaced the original fuel pump with a Holley 4-7 PSI and it works perfectly. More sharing options… Followup note.

Is there a fuel pump on a 444 Gasser?

General IH gets more traffic and fuel issues are common on many older gas tractors. I have a 444 gasser it has an inline fuel filter and one of those facet electric fuel pumps on it. I have no issues with it flooding the carb. Below is a link to NAPA site showing what pump I have. More sharing options…

When did the Ford 444 come out in Canada?

The British/ Australian/Canadian version was built ffrom 1971 to 1977. In the US it was called the 364. The 364 was a larger displacement version of the 354. Here in Canada I have run into this a few times since we have had some US 444’s exported into Canada occasionally.

How do you turn off the fuel pump?

The fuel shut off is by a manual cable (it is a mechanical pump). You got me thinking about that, so I checked the original photos of the pump and sure enough, I put the cut off cable on ‘upside down’ and it was reversed! On was off and off was on, so I have put it on the right way and it started up!

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