How to change drive belt on white lawn tractor lt12

Step 5. Install the pin into the left-hand cross-bar arm to reconnect the arm. Put the belt guard back onto the gearbox mount. Turn the belt adjusting bolt counterclockwise to tighten the belt. Hold the deck arms in place, keeping them straight, …

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How to Replace Drive Belts – White Outdoors Riding Mower

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Drive Belt Replacement on a WLT-160!In today’s video, I show you how to change the drive belts on a White Outdoors WLT-160 Riding Lawn mower.Model Number: 13…

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Step 7: Remove the upper drive belt and lawn mower belt guide. Maneuver the upper (rear) belt from the transaxle pulley and remove the belt from the mower. Next, remove the belt guide from the variable speed pulley bracket using a 1/4" socket. Note: These are all accessed through the battery compartment.

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How to install a lower drive belt on a lawn mower?

Lawn mower belt installation is essentially the removal process in reverse. As you install the new lower drive belt, confirm the correct belt routing inside of all the belt keepers and through all the guide pins using the pictures taken before the lawn mower belt removal. Apply a very small quantity of anti-seize compound to the engine crankshaft.

When should I replace my lawn mower drive belt?

If while performing lawn mower maintenance on your drive belts, you noticed other issues or signs of wear, take the time to order replacement lawn tractor parts before running the machine again. Even if only slightly worn, operating with damaged equipment could cause larger issues if not addressed.

How do you replace the belt on a craftsman riding mower?

Unhook the wires that lead to the spark plugs. Disengage the PTO lever by pulling the handle backward. Lower the deck into the cutting position. Unscrew the deck arm retaining bolts, located on the left-hand arm of the mower deck, until they’re finger-tight. Turn the belt adjusting bolt clockwise to loosen the deck drive belt.

What happens when the belt on a white riding lawn mower snaps?

The deck drive belt on a White riding lawnmower or lawn tractor can take a lot of damage. However, eventually these belts will wear out to the point they will snap; and when they do, the mower will no longer operate correctly.

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How to Replace Drive Belts – White Outdoors Riding Mower Video Answer

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