How to change dash on 8n ford tractor

How to remove the the Dash Panel from a 1952 Ford 8n Tractor. Hope you find it of some help.Music "Whisky on the Mississippi" by Kevin MacleodAvailable on in…

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8N Ford Tractor Hood Removal – YouTube

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Showing how to remove hood and gas tank from an 8N Ford tractor alone.

3. The N tractors have a common sump for the rear end, hydraulic pump and transmission. There are three drain plugs under the tractor and one filler cap behind the gear shift. To change the fluid, start by removing the pipe plug under the rear end

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How do you change the fluid in a Ford tractor?

To change the fluid, start by removing the pipe plug under the rear end (results in a more controlled drain, rather than a flood if you remove the other plugs before this) and move forward to the hydraulic pump and then the transmission.   Use universal tractor fluid (UTF) that meets Ford spec M2C‐134D.

Do you turn the engine off when you get off the tractor?

If you do not have parking brakes on your N, get in the habit of turning the engine off when you get off the tractor.   Under no circumstances should you get off the tractor with the

How do I get position control on a 9N or 2n engine?

The only way to get position control on a 9N or 2N is to add an external jig/accessory. 7  59.   Make reattaching the engine to the bell housing easier by cutting the heads off of a couple of bolts and put them in the bell housing to act as pilot studs for the engine when you slide it back.

What to do when removing the hood from an 8n?

When removing the hood from the 8N, first drain all the gas out of the tank and, second, ask the neighbor for help. Disconnect the light wire and the fuel line.   Remove the four bolts on the dash and the two on the dog legs and the radiator cap.

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