How to change blades on john deere lawn tractor

A detailed how to video showing how to remove and replace the cutting blades on a John Deere LA size lawn mower.

Step 1: With the cutting edge of the new or sharpened blade facing the ground, align the center hole with the spindle shaft and place the blade onto the shaft. Step 2: Install the washer with its cupped side towards the blade and then install the nut. Step 3: Use a block of wood to prevent the blade from spinning while you tighten the nut.

How to change blades on John Deere riding mower? (Do’s …

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Step-by-Step Guide to Change Blades in John Deere Riding Mower: Step#1 Place The Mower On Flat Surface. Park the mower on an even surface. To ensure the safety put blocks behind the… Step#2 Lift the mower using Hydraulic Jack. Sometimes deck needs to be removed to change the blade, which is a …

Check for a bent John Deere blade by removing from the deck Remove your blade from your mower deck and place it on top of a new blade to check for a bend in the blade. When the …

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How to engage lawn mower blades on a John Deere?

How do you remove the mower deck on a John Deere LT155?Remove the spark plug wire to prevent the mower from starting.Locate the lift links on the mower deck.Support the mower deck with a length of 2-by-4 lumber.Locate the cotter pin in the mounting bracket near each lift link.

How do you sharpen John Deere mower blades?

Inspect Your John Deere Mower Blades for DamageWearing on the John Deere Blade Sail. Check the blade sail. …Chips & Dings in the John Deere Blade Edge. You can try to avoid hitting objects in the yard with your mower, but it is bound to happen. …John Deere Blade is Bent. When you impact a hard object, you can tweak or bend your mower blade. …John Deere Blade is Cracked. …

How to replace John Deere mower spindles?

Things You’ll NeedSocket wrenchSocket setPipe wrench

When to change lawn mower blade?

● Bent or damagedBumpy when mowing.Strange noise when you start the machineIf your mower stalls.

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John Deere Mower Blades Replacement; WITHOUT A JACK!! Video Answer

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