How to change air valve on tractor tire

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Valve stems→ simple fix that is often overlooked. There are a few different diameters of valve stems so measure the hole it fits in …

How To : Replace Tire Air Valve Stem by YOURSELF!

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How to replace a tractor tire valve stem?

Make sure the neck of the stem finds the hole in the rim and pull the stem out by the handle of the puller tool. Pull until the tractor tire valve stem seats in the rim. If it’s too tight to pull, wrap the stem tool’s cable around the handle of a socket breaker bar and use it as a leverage multiplier. It should seat with a little tug.

What kind of valve is on a tractor tire?

Tractor Tire Valve Stem Most modern small farm tractors have tractor tire valve stems that include a metal body. You might think this makes them sturdy and resilient, but they’re not. Being a thin metal part, one well-placed piece of wood is all it takes to shear the stem off, whereas a rubber stem may give, bend, and return to position.

How do you lift a flat rear tire on a tractor?

If you have a flat rear tire and you are “lucky” enough to have a backhoe attachment on at the time, use the hydraulic feet to lift the rear tires. Most OEM tractor tire valve stems include a nut on the outside of the rim.

How do you fix a tractor tire that won’t stay up?

The “bead” is the edges of the tire that seal against the rim. First, use dish detergent or soapy water to slick up the beads of the tire and edges of the rim. If you were able to lift your tractor, put a ratchet strap around your tire and tighten it. This will compress the tire and help you get a seal.

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Tractor Tire Valve Stem Replacement , Without Draining the Water Video Answer

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