How to change a tractor alternator

Tractor Alternator Replacement – This video shows the replacement of an alternator on our John Deere 3020 loader tractor. I show the unboxing of the new alt…

The broken belt will be replaced, it was there for testing purposes.

How to Replace an Alternator – YouTube

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Alternator Replacement. Learn how to remove and replace a bad alternator and correctly install a new alternator with this simple step by step video. Whether …

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How do you replace an alternator?

You may need to wiggle the alternator around some things in order to remove it. Keep track of how you worm the alternator out of the engine bay to help squeeze the new one in. Compare the new alternator to the old one. Before installing the new alternator, set it down on a table next to the old one you just removed.

How do I know if my alternator has an auto tensioner?

You can tell if your vehicle uses an auto-tensioner by looking at the alternator mounting bracket: if the bolts can slide from side to side in the bracket, it does not have an auto-tensioner. You will need to slide the belt off the alternator pulley before you release the auto-tensioner.

What should I do if my alternator is not charging?

Start out by replacing it. You might also want to test your battery to see if it still has juice since the alternator, which is supposed to charge it, failed. Also buy a new wiring harness to make sure maximum power is going throughout your car.

How do you tension the belt on an alternator?

Tuck the loose wire aside so it doesn’t snag on the alternator when you remove it. Relieve tension on the belt with the auto-tensioner (if equipped). Some vehicles use the alternator itself to apply tension to the serpentine or accessory belt, but others use an auto tensioner pulley.

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