How to build cheap tractor cover

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As a premiere custom tractor cab manufacturer, CoverMyTractor focuses on the details for top-of-the-line durability. Each one of our all-season tractor covers and cover accessories undergoes exhaustive studies to determine the precise materials for optimal product application. We realize you have a running list of items that need to get done …

Homemade Tractor Canopy – Why pay when you can build for a …

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We figure it cost us less than a $150 to build. That is better than $450 and ours even has brackets on it for adding lights later. We also put a piece of fiber board / asphalt sheathing under it. This makes it bout 10 degrees cooler or so. Also this homemade tractor canopy is durable and will withstand abuse compared to that expensive dealer model.

Make Your Own Tractor Canopy. . If you’re looking for a low-cost canopy to provide shade on your tractor, you might want to consider building your own, says Rex Gogerty of Hubbard, …

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How long does it take to put a cover on a tractor?

We realize you have a running list of items that need to get done, don’t spend days attaching a cover to your tractor. Our products can go on in as little as two hours. At CoverMyTractor, our goal is to provide a solution while maintaining user-friendliness and ease of operation.

Do the tractor cabs and Tractor covers come with a bag?

Both our tractor cabs and tractor covers come with a free storage bag and the one for the cover actually straps to the ROPS so it can be with you at all times whenever the need requires the tractor cover to be used.

Do Your Tractor covers fit with loader buckets?

Our tractor covers are designed to fit both with and without loader buckets so that however you configure your tractor the same cover fits. Have a rear implement on your tractor?

How much did it cost you to build your homemade tractor canopy?

Couldn’t see paying for one of those high dollar tractor canopy when we can just build one ourselves. O yea and the wife wanted something to hold her cell phone while on the tractor.We also installed brackets for future lights on each corner of the homemade tractor canopy. We figure it cost us less than a $150 to build.

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