How to build a road roller for tractor

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Unless you working the soil down more than ~2" you don’t need to roll it afterwards, if you do go deeper, the roller won’t pack down to the untouched soil so there will still be uneven settling. All we do is stand the box blade up onto the rear cutting edge and drag it. This does all the packing required.

How to Make Road Roller from MatchBox at Home – diy DC …

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Hello Guys. In this video I am going to show you how to Make road roller vibrating drum jcb from matchboxThanks for Watching the Video and SUBSCRIBE for more…

The outer end of the shaft mounts inside a heavy-duty bearing off the crankshaft of an old tractor. The bearing bolts to a steel frame built out of 3 by 4-in. tubing. … We used 4-in. sq. steel off an old cultivator to build the roller’s hitch. A steel rack on the front part of the frame is used to carry big stones we pick up in the field …

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