How to build a mud truck with tractor tires

Make sure to run electric fans that pull enough cfm to keep things cool, and make sure to route the coolant lines carefully to keep them from getting gouged or ripped off. Transmission. Manual …

So, don’t forget to buy a set of spacers (four in total) to achieve a good enough lift. This is important: the stock gear can handle up to 33-inch tires. For 35-inch wheels, go with 2-3 inches of lift. As for 38-40-inch tires, the lift should be 4-5 inches, or even more. That’s not it for the suspension, though.

Tips for building a mud truck

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In the world of mega trucks, tractor tires reign supreme. This is largely due to the ability to get them in monstrous sizes. Of course, the huge tread size and spacing make them excel in the mud …

Make this Chevy Silverado your next mud truck and put tractor tires on it. Here are the details of making this Silverado a mud truck details – 5.7L Vortec wi…

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