How to build a mobile chicken tractor

Chicken Tractor Plans. Egg Factory. 1-6 Hens. 24 sq ft. EggFactory is a small chicken tractor suitable for a small flock of fewer than six hens. It is an A-Frame style and … Meaties Tractor. ChickenMenagerie. The Hyperion. PVCTractor.

Why We Chose to Build an A-Frame Chicken Shelter. Size – At 8 feet by 12 feet, the shelter accommodates up to 65-70 meat birds. According to Joel Salatin, a chicken requires 1.5 square feet of space. The chicken tractor we built is used only for sleeping and shelter from harsh weather and predators. The chickens have plenty of space to …

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Step 1: Recycle a car shelter frame for your new chicken tractor. Step 2: Assemble the frame of the chicken coop on wheels. Step 3: Fasten chicken wire to chicken tractor frame. Step 4: …

Estimated Materials Cost: $750 – $850*. Build Time: 24 hours. *Please note the price of lumber has been higher than estimated over the last year. We actually built two Mega A-Frame Chicken Coop Tractors for our small farm! We house 15-20 hens in each tractor and move them one full space a day on our 3-acre pasture.

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How much does it cost to build a chicken tractor?

The run can be built for well under $200 and is ideal for beginners. Welcome to one of the most luxurious chicken tractors in existence. The “Chicken Menagerie” is a midsized run with a large price tag. Expect this particular chicken tractor to cost you around $500 to build. The Hyperion is the most affordable chicken tractor plan in this list.

What is a chicken tractor and how does it work?

What exactly is a chicken tractor? Simply put, it is a mobile home, much like a caravan, or trailer, which contains everything your chicken needs in her house. It is a portable chicken coop. It will contain food, water, a roosting perch, a nesting box, and a nice place for free-range.

What kind of tractor do you need to move a chicken coop?

Some tractors you move similar to a wheelbarrow, others look a bit like a rickshaw, and the huge ones require horsepower – real or mechanical. The coop will need to be cleaned the same as a regular coop. The access area needs to be large enough for you actually to work through.

What is the best chicken tractor for the money?

The Barn Tractor is one of the largest chicken tractor plans on this list. It has two areas to the run, a covered section (under the coop) and an exposed section. Providing you insulate the coop, you can use it in all weather conditions.

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