How to build a compact tractor

There are many ways to build a compact tractor implement counterweight, but the most popular methods include a box, barrel or suitcase arrangement. Suitcase arrangements usually employ a bar that fits your three-point hitch and allows you to attach what is known as “suitcase weights” which are solid cast iron flat weights.

To build your own, just collect the materials noted below, cut them to the sizes indicated, and assemble them according to our illustration. After all …

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Heres the rear axle apart. Needs to be shortened 8-5/8". Here the axle tube is cut and the bearing housing retainer is trimed off. Notice the piece of tube inside the retainer ( lower right), I just pop it out and press the housing on the cleaned up tube end. The bearing housing on the shortened tube.

How you can easily make a THREE POINT DETHATCHERPlease Like on us Facebook at……This channel in a fun mix of …

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What are compact tractor implements?

Compact tractor implements are designed to add utility, ability and function to your small farm tractor. Many implements can get expensive when you opt to buy them from your local dealership or farm store, but simple tractor implements are sometimes just as easy to build than to buy, and much cheaper. A simple counterweight is an excellent example.

How to build a tractor implement counterweight?

Steel boxes are a simple way to build a compact tractor implement counterweight, and they allow you to toss in anything to add weight such as sand, rock, steel scraps and random weights you may have around. It’s not a bad arrangement, but unless you design it well, it will catch and hold water.

What do you do for a living other than your tractor?

I have a variety of interests other than my tractor, those interests include construction, tools, gardening and of course around the holidays you will see my Christmas light display which is growing each year. Stay turned, I’ll try and upload new videos on a regular basis.

How do you add weight to the rear axle of a tractor?

In lieu of a dedicated compact tractor implement counterweight, there are other ways of achieving added weight on your rear axle. Tire loading or tire ballasting can be done to add weight directly to your tires, or most tractors can add wheel weights to achieve ballast in the rear end.

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