How to build a belly more for a tractor

This 4 1/2′ mower is a Bolens I converted years ago. The tractor and mower left in 1999. It’s shaft driven driven from a fabricated jackshaft. The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. Ambrose Bierce. I converted one years back for my low boy. I wanted a 48" mower but with 3 blades.

But now on my own property the belly mower works out better – ~3 acres mixed open lawn and 1/2 with trees. Pluses for the belly mower – as mentioned above maneuverability is a huge difference. Pluses for the rear mower – easier installation and removal – for me anyway even though I have the nice drive over belly deck.

How To Make a Belly Mower Dolly – Farmall Cub

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Make a simple butt joint and fasten each joint with 4 deck screws. You should now have a rectangle/double “H†shaped structure. Attach the four 5 ¾†blocks and casters using the lag bolts at the ends of each long section of the dolly. One end will have the 2 swivel casters and the other end will have the 2 fixed casters.

Posted: Mon 5:21 am Post subject: Re: Compact tractor with belly mower: 2 reasons I bought a ZT rather than a belly mower for my Branson 2400: It’s in your way for doing the odd jobs around the farm for which it was purchased. Gotta be a real PIA to try to wash out clippings which are always part of MY mowing experience.

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