How to boom down a tractor on a trailer

I’ve had multiple requests to do a video about the proper way to secure a tractor to a trailer for transport. I apologize for taking so long to get it done,…

Four chains and four binders are required and a fifth is to be used if its on a backhoe or excavator. Even though the straps your using are rated for WLL. They will not fly in most cases because they are to easily cut, nicked or broken and will break. Here’s a link to a good read on cargo securement.

Ten Tips for Securing a Tractor to a Trailer – YouTube

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This is the last in my four-part series about how to properly secure a tractor to a trailer. If you’ve never hauled a tractor before, the loading and securi…

Double X. Front left tractor tied to front Right of the trailer. Front right tractor to front left trailer, Rear right tractor to rear left trailer, rear left tractor to rear right trailer. Use …

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Securing a Tractor to a Trailer Video Answer

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