How to bolt up 6 ring loop to tractor tire

Part #RR6600. In Stock $22.95. Add to Cart. Add to Favorites. Holes are pre-tapered for secure lug nut fit. Installation is fast and easy with some welding required. Repair broken out holes or cracked center discs. Excellent for use on front end wheels of loader tractors as preventative reinforcement. RR6600 was successfully added to your cart!

How To Remove a Broken off Bolt! This method works GREAT!! It’s best for bolts 1/4" or larger, and the shorter the better, but it sure will surprise you!!

Wheels by Type – Rear Tractor Wheels – Loop – MILLER tire

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Loop Rim. 28×11 Rim with 6 Loops Rim width (11") is measured inside, bead to bead, NOT outside to outside. 24.25" Bolt circle is measured from center of one bolt hole to center of opposite bolt hole (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock) Used on Allis Chalmers,… $265.00. Add to Cart. Wheel.

Available 6 Hole Ag Rims in varies color for different wheel sizes. See our tractor front/implement wheel rims section to find the right size rims for your tractor wheel. 800-443-9653; … 6 Hole AG …

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