How to bleed fuel line on 3600 ford tractor

you will need the engine turned on to the run position to deactivate the stop system in the pump. injector lines are bled at the injectors. loosen the nut off and crank the engine over until the diesel drops are seen. Read full answer. • Cars & Trucks.

Step 4. Re-pressurize the fuel system by shutting the valve and turning the ignition to the "on" position (the position just before the crank position where you attempt to start the vehicle). You will hear the fuel pump prime the system. When the pump stops, turn the ignition off, and turn it back on again, and allow it to pressurize the system …

BEST way to bleed diesel fuel system (step-by-step)

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If you’ve ever ran your diesel out of fuel you know you don’t ever want to do that again. In this video I show a step-by-step description on how to get the a…

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