How to bleed a ford 5000 tractor

No start, frustration builds…..then the funniest part of the video is when I think I have a runaway engine on my hands and panic!

Posted by Craig on at 21:39:20 from ( Can someone tell me if there are any special procedures to bleed the fuel system of a Ford 5000 or 6000 tractor that has been run out of fuel? Probably 1970’s vintage tractor is my guess but I may be wrong. I will be going to help the neighbor with this task.

5000 ford bleeding instructions pl… – Yesterday’s Tractors

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Re: 5000 ford bleeding instructions please in reply to tn terry t, 08-09-2011 16:26:03 I"m not familiar with the 5000 but you bleed the fuel system pretty much the same for all diesels. Open the tank valve and the bleeder screw on the first filter and when bubble free fuel comes out of the bleeder close it and repeat on the other filter.

April 2011. Ford Vehicles, Tractors. bleed fuel to the pump first 13 mm just below the row of injector pipes on the pump then prime with lift pump or starter make sure injection pump stop …

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