How to bind a tractor to a trailer

Welcome to Part III of my video series on how to securely attach a tractor to a trailer. Today we’re going to show you how to attach the chains and what the…


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Location. russellville, arkansas. Tractor. Kubota M4900, B7510 and RTV. if you can weld, put some chain hooks on the loader bucket, and bind it to the front with them: then if you have the draw bar in the back, bind it there, even if you put a 2 inch trailer ball on the draw bar, that should hold it, in my opinion. the only time i use the straps is hauling my kubota RTV: and …

This has probably been discussed before, but I have yet to find a good way to anchor my tractor to my trailer and have the "four corners with X pattern" configuration. See the attached photos. I used two chains and two ratchet binders to anchor it down. The front through the pipe on the front end loader and the rear through a clevis hook.

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Securing a Tractor to a Trailer Video Answer

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