How to beat tractor paper

In "Jigsaw" the police investigate the newest game as more bodies are turning up around the city. They are quite confused as John Kramer has now been dead fo…

1. Build and light a Nether Portal. To create a Nether Portal, you’ll need at least ten obsidian blocks. Make a hollow standing rectangle, with an opening 3 blocks high and 2 blocks long (corners are not necessary; you can use any block as a stand-in). Then strike the inside of the rectangle with flint and steel.

How To Beat EVERY TRAP In "Escape Room 2" – YouTube

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Upon winning a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you will be asked if you want to take a chance to double your rewards. Winning consecutive rounds will double your Gold reward per win. You can play up to 5 consecutive rounds in a row, for up to 16 times the original reward amount. Do take note that if you lose in the middle of your streak, you …

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