How to be a good tractor salesman

Most tractor salesmen have high school diplomas and one or more years of experience in agricultural, equipment or retail sales. Other essential …

The sprinting tractor salesman By … To be honest, I think national service would still be a good thing these days. It was character building and taught you to mature. In 1957, after my two years, they tried to get me to stay and take on the role of Corporal, but I just wanted back to Edinburgh, and back to my job at Hendersons.” …

How To Buy A Tractor | Arizona Tractor Sales

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Tractor Time by Don Hatton. About Buying a Used Tractor. The thought of buying a tractor is a scary thing. At 50 years old I was in a position where I needed to buy a tractor, but knew next to nothing about them. I was ignorant, but smart enough to know I had to learn before spending a bunch amount of money without knowing what I was getting into.

Cat-1 hitches use a 7/8” lower arm pin and many Cat-0 implements can be adapted to fit a Cat-1 hitch. Cat-1 is the most common hitch found on …

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What makes the best small farm tractors?

Manufacturers have developed new systems and unified many interfaces since the age of the Farmall, creating best small farm tractors that are robust, agile, dependable, and easily modified to fit the task at hand. Back in the day, a tractor was a tractor, but today there is a wide array of options available, and that can be overwhelming.

How much does it cost to buy a garden tractor?

If the biggest load you plan to lift is grass clippings and leaves, then you can expect to pay around $12,000 for this over-sized garden tractor. Compact tractors are a bump up from sub-compact, albeit a small bump. Compact tractors are offered in Cat-0 or Cat-1 hitches.

How much power does a diesel tractor have?

Power ratings and engines vary widely across this category, but most will feature a three-cylinder diesel engine between 35hp and 65hp. If you’re looking for a good all-around farm tractor with the capacity to run a lot of different implements, something close to the 50hp mark should serve you well.

What are the different types of tractor classes?

Generally speaking, all tractor manufacturers offer a sub-compact, compact, mid-size, and full-size class range. Not all dealerships offer all the classes, so understanding what class you’re shopping for will help when deciding where to shop.

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