How to ballast a tractor

Larger tractors such as the Case Maxxum 115 we tested in October may even come with bar axles ready to accept additional ballast. Pros: …

The best way to increase a tractor’s weight is by adding solid ballast to the axles or on the tractor chassis. Adding weight by filling tires with liquid ballast is not recommended as it reduces the ability of the tire to flex, …

How To Ballast Your Tractor – 5 most common ballasting options

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How to ballast my tractor? There are two types of ballast, ballast with metal mass and ballasting agricultural tyres with water. Metal mass ballast, consists in placing metal weights (generally cast iron) on the tractor itself or on its wheels …

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How do you properly ballast a tractor?

Proper ballasting can be complex but there are many resources available online or even your tire dealer to assist with ballasting tractors. The end game is trying to minimize tire slippage when you head to the field. Between inflation pressure and ballasting you will have your tractor performing at its most efficient.

Are there any problems with using a tractor ballast?

There are potential problems that can be discarded by the correct tractor ballast. If tractors are under ballasted, there is too much slippage. 5-15% slippage is considered in the normal range with 8% slippage considered optimum. Too much slippage effects fuel consumption, field operating time, and tire wear.

What is a ballast box on a tractor?

A ballast box can be as simple as a poured concrete cylinder or block with category-sized hitch pins extending outward from the mass, or steel fabricated shells filled with rocks, lead, steel, barbells, etc. In most cases this weight will be carried by the tractor’s three-point hitch (3PH).

How do I choose the best ballasting materials?

The choice of ballasting materials includes many factors but the most critical aspect of adding ballasting is how much weight to add and where to place these materials. Agricultural and construction equipment with buckets or lifting forks have massive cast iron counterweights built into the design of the machine to provide functionality.

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