How to attach mf2326 to tractor

We had this unit sold but did a quick walk-around and overview of the GC Series 2326 60" Drive Over Mid-Mount Mower to show ease of install and removal plus …

The 2326 Drive-Over Mid-Mount Mower is easy to use. With our fast-disconnect design, you can remove the mid-mount mowers in minutes and quickly move on to other jobs. These mowers have a deck that can be locked in the up position, so you can raise and lower the 3-point hitch without moving the mower. Features.

Mowing – Mid mount mower PTO shaft source? (MF 2326 …

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You might check other M-F parts sources to compare prices (Jack’s Small Engines comes to mind…). $800 sounds really high. I do know you can get a yoke from a truck place in the midwest that will match the input shaft for the snowblower quick-hitch, but the quick-release on the tractor end might be a different story.

MF2326: 60 inches † Six (6) Overlapping Offset Mulching Blades on MF2315 Three (3) Overlapping Offset Blades on MF2320 and MF2326 † Cutting Height: MF2315: 1.3 – 4.9 inches MF2320: 1.2 – 4.7 inches MF2326: 1.2 – 4.7 inches † Lift: Parallel Linkage, Hydraulic † Transport Height: 5.9 inches † Lock-up Kit Standard. Allows use of 3-Point

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