How steep a hill can a tractor climb

This is one of my most-asked questions…"How steep a slope is it safe to take my tractor on?" Today we’re going to try to answer that question by telling y…

How Steep is Too Steep for a Tractor? Often, garden tractors can handle an incline of up to 15°, which will be listed in the manual, though there are few that are specifically designed to do so. If are looking at a slope greater than 15°, you will want a specialist machine, like the Kut Kwick Slopemaster which is rated to tackle slopes of up to 40°.

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The steepest angle mentioned by a manufacturer or dealer is 15 degrees; some recommend no more than 10 degrees. These limits would be for slow, straight travel parallel to contour lines with firm, dry soil and no local hazards (pot holes, rocks, etc.) and any side implements on the uphill side.

The shallower and wider the ramp is, the better it will meet the needs of users. However less steep ramps are longer. Typical slopes range from 1:6 to 1:10. Steeper gradients …

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