How much to charge for tractor work

Now, how much for fuel and maintenance costs. You can figure about 2 gallons/hour for fuel and $5.00/hour ($75.00/month) for maintenance and insurance. So, your …

Our rates. Our hourly rate is $70.00 per hour of actual tractor service which includes both the tractor and an experienced operator. There is a minimum of one hour for billing purposes; after …

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To me, $65 per hour would be $35 for tractor cost (no profit) and three hours of my time, or my time valued at $10/hour. Much of my off-tractor time I am operating a chainsaw. …

DeLoreanDMW81 I Use a McCormick CX 105( 102 engine Horse Power) and ( 84 PTO horse power) 4×4 with cab and i pull a 15 foot bush hog, I try to charge any where from $ …

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