How much is my tractor worth

Second-hand tractors can be valued from $2000 for the models with low engine power like 40hp to $75,000 for models with high engine power like 175hp. Other factors to consider include the brands that produce the tractor model and how many hours the used tractor had already done also with the lifespan of the machine.

Request An Estimated Value From A Tractor Dealer Go to the manufacturer website of your tractor (i.e. John Deere) and use their dealer locator to identify the closest dealer to you. Contact your dealer and provide them with the details of your tractor such as year, model, condition. They will be able to provide you with an estimated value.

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Thats all very well and good but your little pride and joy does have a monetary value and its condition, rarity and whether there is anything out of the ordinary about it will affect its value. You can check out some sample guide prices below. There are three grades as follows:-Grade 1: Not running & dragged from the hedge condition.

If you are planning on selling your used tractor at auction, you are probably wondering exactly how much it is worth. P.O. Box 903 12449 U.S. Highway 385 Dalhart, TX …

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How much oil does my tractor need?

Your equipment may require two gallons or 5 gallons of lubricant per change depending on the size of the implement. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your manufacturer for quantity details. Buying in larger quantities may be beneficial for one or more of the following reasons:

How much is my Kubota worth?

Just for your information, my dealer has priced a B7800, Kubota FEL and Woods rear blade for $15,000. The rear blad is worth about $325, so this puts the tractor and FEL at approx 14,700. I live in SW Va. Prices may be a little different down there. …. Every dealer prices differently just like anything else.

How to value a tractor?

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How much is my John Deere worth?

How Much Is My John Deere Worth? For more detailed information it would be best to research your John Deere on sites such as eBay where a John Deere 7820 50k tractor in good condition can fetch up to £40,000 and a John Deere 6220 Premium 4 wheel drive can go for £25,000.

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