How much is a kubota tractor worth

For example, the Kubota B2650 HSD costs $ 23,007 new and is worth $14,339 after 5 years. That’s a depreciation of $8,668, or roughly 37.7%. …

Used Value Price Guide. Kubota Tractor Corporation. 1000 Kubota Drive. Grapevine, TX 76051. Used Values. Ask A Dealer. Notes. Utility Vehicles: Kubota ATV values are available from NADA …

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You must know how much these tractors are worth so that you can plan your budget better. Contents show. 1 Kubota tractors price list 2022. 1.1 Kubota L 4508 tractor. 1.2 …

Kubota BX 1870. $ 10,143. First, let’s look at the estimated new selling price between the years of 2014 and 2018 of these eight Kubota models. Listed above, from most to …

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