How much does a tractor tyre weight

Regardless, your tractor tire will weigh approximately 100 pounds more than a truck tire. Medium or Mid-Size Tractor Tires. A tractor tire measuring 20.5 by 25 feet is seen below. You won’t be carrying much additional weight because this mid-sized tire isn’t much larger than a small one. Medium-sized tractor tires can weigh up to 400 pounds …

So, how much does a tractor tire weigh? The average weight of a rear tractor tire is 600 pounds, while the front tires weigh significantly less, around 30 pounds. The combined weight of tractor tires ranges between 800 pounds. What Are the Three Types of Tractor Tires? 1. Metric Tractor Tire

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Compact size. A compact tractor’s tire size ranges between 17.5 feet to 25 feet and has a maximum weight of 300 pounds. A car tire weighs around 25 pounds, while a light-duty truck’s tire (similar to a tractor) weighs about 200 pounds. So, a compact tractor tire is still 100 pounds heavier than one of a pickup.

Axion series comprises lighter weight tractors that range lbs lbs. Xerion 5000 and 4500 both are high-power tractors with weights lbs each. 3. Tractor Weight: Deutz-Fahr. Deutz-Fahr offers 9340 TTV AGROTRON tractors with a weight of 26455 lbs and power of 336 hp.

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